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I am Alan Cheezy. In between making cheezy jokes, I make cheezy art. FART.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Golden Rule

We all know how well we get to know our coworkers when you work beside them 9 hours a day. That's the basis of this piece. The Golden Rule. This is a guy who likes to emphasize things my exaggeration. If a task will take a long time to do, it will either take 7 years, or 900 years. That's the Golden Rule.

Above Final

Above Rough
It started off as a rough post-it and has been sitting in my sketchbook for almost a year. I laid in a really rough idea of how I wanted him posed. Then went straight to clean up and color.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Cup and Cakes, the Cupcakes!
Urban Food Crawl hosted a vegan cupcake baking competition with local bakers on Sunday, November 6th 2011. This event was also an art gallery, of which I submitted two pieces for. Proceeds for all art sales would go to the winning baker's charity of choice. How could I NOT submit art? Here are the pieces I submitted, as well as an abandoned piece. While I was at the event, one did get sold. Not sure if the other did eventually or not. I had fun working on them and it gave me a reason to post art again. ;) I hate that this is all that is "post-worthy" in my 9 month absence. :P

Title: "Sweet."
-I was heavily influenced by the "Love Is..." art that I used to see in the LA Times newspaper growing up. They were simple drawings, no color, and just pure, cute, innocence. Also an influence was Norman Rockwell. His facial expressions are always so ...expressive. I wanted to mix the two styles and here is what I came up with.

Above Final

Above Rough

Above rough small post-it thumbnail concept :)

Title: "Math...ish."
-This piece seems like not much thought was put into it. That is only partially true. The old school artist in me wanted to do a piece that was very simple in design, and also a play on words. Both my pieces were essentially a play on the words. I like doing pieces that bring a smile to my face. It's a great feeling when you draw and make yourself smile or laugh. That is the joy of this craft to me. :)

Above Final (and this one was SOLD!)

PIECE 3 (abandoned idea)
Title: No Title
-Another attempt at a play on words...I did not like the end result at all. I was going for somewhat of a surreal look to it. I love Magritte. This was my attempt at it.

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Above Final

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Thank You Look

My cousin's little boy, Canyon, likes to thank people by tilting his head down, rolling his eyes up a bit in a scary way, and say, "thank you." That's it.

Above Final

Above Rough

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Burtonette!

A piece I did for my PA, Jen. She's a big Tim Burton fan, so that is where this idea came from. Fun piece to work on. Re-did the dress' line work A LOT to get it where I liked it.

Above Final.

Above Roughs.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Guns!

SIGH...Not to be a downer again, but I'm one boring bastard. I keep playing it safe and I don't realize it until I take a step back. And I don't really take a step back until I start applying color. GAH!! Anyways, still had fun with this.

Above Final.

Above Rough.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Ouchie...

Ooooo, little Mac-y got an ouchie from hot glue gun. Pfffft.
The final ended up a bit different, and I feel like I took a few steps back and started to draw him how I used to. I think I gradually went safer and safer. May need to revisit and push usual.

Above Final.

Above rough.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Hrrrr

Pretty happy with how this turned out. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Another thing I struggle with is mouth shapes. I feel like I cheated just a little by adding the little puffs of wind to emphasize him blowing air out of his mouth. But this was a fun one to work on. Definitely felt like I could use much more creative freedom and not be restricted to how he looks in person. Some people just allow for that.

Above Final

Above rough, about 1-inch by 1-inch. LOL!

The Dealio

Struggled with this one a bit because I feel like I kept focusing on how the hair should fall on his head. I have a really difficult time with hair and the volume. I wanted to simplify the shape of the hair, and ended up simplifying everything else. So it feels very plain. But it is almost fitting because Patrick has a kind of monotone delivery in his voice. He asks for status updates and usually poses the question, "What's goin on?" or "What's the deal with ____?"

Above Final

Rough Sketch (low res is an inside joke)

Definitely feel like revisiting this one and pushing some other characteristics and personality...